NCCF Joins Hand with National Accreditation Board NABCB for accreditation of FM scheme

Representatives from NCCF (Mr. Sachin Jain, Convener, Mr. Suneel Pandey, Secretary, and Ms. Deepali Rautela, Assistant Director ) and the NABCB (Mr. Anil Jauhri, CEO, NABCB Ms. Sashi Rekha, Director, NABCB, Mr. Mrutunjay Jena, Joint Director, NABCB and Ms. Vani, Deputy Director, NABCB) signed the Letter of Understanding on 10th July 2018 at the NABH office Delhi for providing provisional accreditation to CBs enabling them to perform audits against the NCCF FM Certification Scheme.

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Guidance Note NCCF Notification Application Form
NCCF Certification and Accreditation Requirements NABCB Provisional Accreditation

Certification Bodies (CBs) are informed and welcome to perform independent third-party audit against NCCF ToF Certification Standard (NCCF-STD-ToF-01/2017). Further, CBs have to initially apply to NCCF for the provisional approval for the ToF Certification Scheme and to NABCB for the regular accreditation thereafter.

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Provisional Approval Scheme for ToF Scheme for CBs ToF Provisional Approval Application Form