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NCCF Non-Wood Forest Resource (NWFR) Certification Standard
60 Days Public Consultation
08 June to 07 August 2020
Zero Draft Standard for Non-Wood Forest Resource

India is 10th most forested country in the world. With an area of 80.73 mha, some 24.56% of country’s geographical area under forest and tree cover. These areas are source of much of the wood and non-wood resource. We are aware about plenty of extraction of these NWFR, some are within sustainable limits and some are not. There is growing interest worldwide in India’s natural foodstuffs, traditional medicines and herbs, handicrafts, etc.

Standard for Non-Wood Forest Resources (NWFR) is being developed by NCCF is to benefit forest dwellers and local communities for whom extraction (collection/harvest) of NWFPs is an important source of livelihood. Moreover, commercial opportunities for NWFRs are emerging and certification can help and promote their marketing, ease of trade and facilitate market linkage while ensuring sustainability of NWFRs.

Network for Certification and Conservation of Forests, a not for profit organisation of India, is actively promoting sustainable management of natural resources and sustainable consumerism through the mechanism of certification. We have developed/are developing globally benchmarked and India specific sustainability standards for various constituents of our natural resource base, as our core activity, besides engaged in policy advocacy, awareness raising and capacity building.

The zero draft NWFR Certification Standard has been developed through a multi stakeholder Standard Development Group (SDG) following an open, transparent and consultative process through meetings and discussions. The set of stakeholders involved in the process includes resource owners, regulatory bodies, local communities, resource users, manufacturer, traders, institutions, experts, NGOs etc. The standard development has reached public consultation stage. Public and stakeholder consultations are an integral part of standard development process followed by NCCF.

We invite all stakeholders to submit their comments on the zero draft NWFR Certification Standard during the 60 days public consultation period. All sections of zero draft are open for comments, review and modifications.

The Zero Draft NWFR Certification Standard document contains, introduction, draft standard text and supporting glossary. The standard is organised in a four tier structure comprising of 3 themes, 10 principles, 39 criteria and 146 indicators.

Public Consultation Duration: 08 June 2020, Monday to 07 August 2020, Friday.

Public Consultation documents can be downloaded from here.

Short Note
Zero Draft Standard
Instruction Sheet for Comments
Comment Sheet

The comments on zero draft NWFR Certification Standard can be submitted within the consultation period to Network for Certification and Conservation of Forests (NCCF) by several means:

1. Emailing comments at nwfp.mail@nccf.in
2. Commenting on PDF version of zero draft and emailing at nwfp.mail@nccf.in
3. Using a word document, to write comments and emailing at nwfp.mail@nccf.in
4. Using comment sheet available on website. Instructions to use it available below as well as in the comment sheet. Sending the comment sheet at nwfp.mail@nccf.in
5. Any other method as deemed fit.

Sustainable Develo​pment is a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all, while addressing the global challenges related to poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice. Sustainability is being internalized in almost every sector, including the fashion and textiles sector. This industry is an important driver of Indian economy, impacting fashion and our lifestyles, meeting domestic requirements, creating sizeable employment and export opportunities. The sector is, however, inherently unsustainable, often with negative impacts on the environment due to high demand and speedy production. The clothing brands, organizations, industries and fashion conscious personalities are coming forward to uphold sustainability of the environment and slowly moving towards more sustainable practices and sources of fabric (e.g. EcoVero, Hemp, Bamboo fibre, Coir, Ramie fibres), setting new trends in the fashion industry. Network for Certification and Conservation of Forests (NCCF), a not for profit organization of India, is actively engaged in diverse conservation activities including, development of globally benchmarked and India specific sustainability certification standards for various constituents of our natural resource base, as its core wor​king area. Through a campaign, Forest for Fashion- India, NCCF intend to sensitize the designers and fashion brands aware about sourcing sustainable and alternative raw materials (fibres) from sustainably managed and certified forests, impacts of deforestation due to use of dissolving pulps, and to encourage the industry to use only sustainable materials in their supply chain. NCCF is committed to collaborate with the key and supporting stakeholders from the fashion industry including the raw material suppliers, retailers, manufacturers, packaging units, fashion and design institutes, central ministries, state governments, corporates , experts and many more to sensitize and spread awareness about sourcing and use of certified forest fibres. Many stakeholders and members of industry and industry associations have expressed interest in the Forests for Fashion Campaign.  
Read the entire concept for more information.
Interested stakeholders can share their inputs by writing to us at (consultation@nccf.in/upasna.singh@nccf.in)

Concept Note Forests for Fashion India Campaign

Stakeholder consultation is a significant part of NCCF FM accreditation requirements. We Invite stakeholders to meet with audit team, or submit written submission if preferred during the 30 days consultation. Consultation Period: 25th February 2020 – 25th March 2020 NCCF-FM Certification Applicant: Tripura Forest Development and Plantation Corporation Ltd. The interested stakeholder can contact GIPL to meet the audit team or submit their comments/feedback on the client operations as per the following instructions to the below mentioned email id:
  • Stakeholder can contact Nidhi Choudhary – nidhi@gicia.org for submitting a comment/complaint/feedback about applicant’s management practices that violates NCCF FM Certification standard and/or any national laws/regulations.
  • Stakeholders can meet the audit team on field provided they submit their interest along with their contact details on above mentioned email id. The audit team will get back to the concerned stakeholder for scheduling a stakeholder’s meeting/interview on field or over phone.
  • The audit team shall review the feedback received from stakeholders and will triangulate the comments based on evidence collected during the audit. Where necessary, audit team shall issue the non-conformities to the applicant on account of evidences collected.
  • Sites to be audited: Single certificate having rubber plantations in various districts of Tripura namely North, Sadar, South I, South II and Factory unit
Type of forest area: Commercial Rubber Plantation with some area of natural Forest Evaluation area: Area under scope of evaluation: 7087.74 hectare of Rubber Plantation The plantations are spread through Tripura state and divided in 5 field units- 4 field divisions and one division for Anandnagar Industrial factory unit. These are further divided in 38 compartments-also called RPC or field stations. Each compartment is further divided in tapping blocks and rubber processing centers (there are totally 20 RPCs for beneficiaries plantations) allocated to tappers for collection of latex HCV Area: 143 hectare of HCV Forest Audit Date – First week of April 2020 (tentative)

For more details, contact:

Nidhi Choudhary

Mob- +91-9350022203

Email- nidhi@gicia.org

GICIA India Pvt. Ltd.

Address- 505, V Floor, Matrix towers Sector 132 Noida, UP, 201303